Female Black Entrepreneurs

Of the top black business owners that are women, only a few are lucky and also fortunate.  Could they be fortunate because they have been fed with a silver spoon?  Everyone knows it’s a rat race out there.  Is there such a thing as a conspiracy of the white man to keep us down?  To become a top black female entrepreneur is like climbing the tallest mountain on earth.  Do you know of many visible minorities that have even contemplated climbing a small hill not to mention even a mountain?  I think the closest we have come to this is the small hills and valleys on a road.

The fact is some people are just born out of greatness.  You know they come from a perfect family for example the TV show the Cosby family.  That’s an extreme example but you get the idea.  Or, they may be born to wealth like the Kennedys or other rich families.  The same people if they had to make it on their own would have probably never made it by themselves.

These people have no idea what it’s like to be hungry for a day, a week, or even a month.  In the real world they would have no idea what to do.  The pain of hunger would probably give them a heart attack.  They probably never had to survive on food stamps, Kraft or canned food.  Obviously not.  Because they are way too busy jet sitting around the world and rubbing shoulders with the rich.  It’s unfortunate that there are many as sad stories about our race.  And it’s time to turn things around for us.

It’s all about Mindset

I’m going to tell you why there are many black female business owners that are ranking high and how you can incorporate the same mindset.

So, some of the qualifying characteristics that you need to possess as a top black entrepreneur are things like having an attitude where you will never quit.  Also, you need to stay far away from the ones that will say that you can never do it.  As far as staff, you want to ensure that you hire the most talented team members.  One thing that most people have a problem with, is learning to handle rejection.  You need to ensure that any negative feedback is welcome and considered a learning experience.

You need to be action oriented, open minded, and willing to take those first few crucial steps.  Most importantly, you need to expect there will be some disappointment and you need to control your emotions beyond that.

Success is Not Waiting For You, You Need to go out and Get it

Never forget, you will never have anything happen unless you make it happen.  Your success does not come naturally.  There is no such thing as everything happens for a reason.  Your destiny is molded by yourself and yourself only.  Do not think that outward influence is responsible for your success.

black entrepreneur

If you are currently employed and desire to be an entrepreneur and start your own business, the time to start laying the framework is now.  What are your skills?  What do you like to do?  What do you see others doing that you think you might like to do?  The best place to start is with something you are familiar with.  Everyone has an interest.  You can build on what you know now or you can choose something that you think you could be good at.

Expand on Your Success

Once your business has started you will definitely want to expand online if you’re not already.  This may be a whole new skill set that you will need to learn, or you can outsource the work to get your website ranked in the search engines.  Companies can help get your web site ranked and increase your success.  This will only come in time of course, as your main goal is to get your brand noticed.  If you have a service, it’s the same thing, you need to get out there and get noticed. 

Take this advice to heart and start implementing it right away. Life is short, measure it by your success, not your failures.

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